Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Working on a code coverage task this week

For this week I am focused on getting code coverage numbers for our team.

Challenge #1 is pretty simple to state - get a list of all the source files that our team owns.  And while the problem is easy to understand, the real world implications of this are a bit trickier, especially with older files we have.  As the years have gone by, ownership of unchanging source files gets a little fuzzy.  The team (or developer) who created the original source file may be long gone.  Even teams that own a file might have been reorganized - several times over - since the file was checked in. 

So if Carol created the original "stats.cpp" file she may be the only person to ever have edited it.  If she moves to another team, and her old team gets reorganized, ownership can get moved to the bottom of the list of problems to address at that point.  After all, if the code is stable, why spend resources on tracking who should be associated with it? 

But after a while, every company has this challenge.  That is what I am sorting out this week.

Fortunately, Tableau has been pretty good with naming conventions for source files.  For example, all Cluster related files have the text "cluster" in them.  For most of the features my team owns, I can simply search by file name to get a good starting point for the files we own.  Getting that list together, parsed and cleaned up is my goal for the week.

After that, I think I may need to move to class based ownership.  More on that next time.

Questions, comments, concerns and criticisms always welcome,

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