Tuesday, February 21, 2017

New team name!

For a while now, we have been contemplating renaming our team here at Tableau.  We have (had) been the Statistics team since I started.  While that is a great name, it really did not reflect our day to day work.  We use statistics for all that we do, but we don't create new algorithms or anything like that.  It would be roughly akin to calling a team that works on cars the Algebra team if you use algebra to compute mileage or whatever.

So after thinking about it for almost a year (!) we finally settled on the Advanced Analytics team as our name.  We're still getting used to it and I hope it starts to roll of the tongue easily as time goes by.  Our mission is the same - to help you see and understand your data - so the day to day work doesn't change.  But it does help define our role a little better for both internal teams and even when we partner with outside folks.

So here's to Advanced Analytics!

Questions, comments, concerns (and a cool nickname) always welcome,

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