Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Snow days mean working from home

While I am a big fan of snow days in general, this week in Seattle has been tough.  It snowed surprisingly hard for a while and I was unable to make it to our offices on Monday.

While this is not a terrible situation, it meant I had to work from home for the day.  I'm not personally a big fan of working from home.  There are several reasons for this and the biggest is probably that "home is where I go when I am done working."  Mentally, it is tough for me to stay focused when I am home.

Another reason is the limited hardware I have at home, specifically multiple monitors.  I'm lucky enough to have 2 monitors at my desk (three if you count my laptop) at work.  That makes debugging and testing in general much easier - run Tableau on one monitor, debug on the other.  I've written a few articles about this in the past and  I do not have this at home.  Typing on one monitor is simply frustrating for the work I do.

I also miss the interaction with my team.  Sometimes I just need a simple question answered which is pretty fast if folks are around me.  At home, I have to rely on instant messaging, email or whatever and the delay can leave me blocked for a while.

Finally, my home network is not as fast as our work building.  Frustrating.

The task I CAN do at home is paperwork.  Updating documentation, reading designs, giving feedback, etc… are the types of work I can complete at home and not feel distracted.  As luck would have it, I had about a day's worth of reading and online training to complete while snowed in, so the day went pretty well.

Now, back to the office and (real) work!

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