Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Sharing lessons from moving test code around

I mentioned 2 weeks ago that I was moving some tests around within our codebase.  That work is still happening and will almost certainly continue for quite some time.

One other task I am taking simultaneously is quantifying the cost of moving these tests.  This ranges from a simple hourly track of my time to including the time others need to review the code and validating the tests achieve the same coverage once they have been moved.

I'm also taking a stab at quantifying how difficult moving a test can potentially be.  For instance, a traditional unit test that happens to be in a less than ideal location is a good candidate for almost a pure "copy and paste" type of move.  Since the test is sharply focused and doesn't have many dependencies, it is very simple to move around.

Other tests that start with loading a workbook in order to validate a column is being drawn correctly (I am making up an example) have many dependencies that have to be untangled before the test can be moved.  This is at best a medium difficulty task and can easily take a large amount of time depending on how tightly both the test and product code are woven together.

For now, I am making notes on how to untie those knots and moving the tests that are easy to move.  Once I am done with my notes, I intend to look through them for common patterns, good starting points and use that data to develop a plan to start untangling the next round of tests.   And of course I will share this with others since I doubt I will have enough time - or energy :) - to do all this myself.

Questions, comments, concerns and criticisms always welcome,

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