Tuesday, June 6, 2017

Hardware at Tableau

I just noticed that I was working in a remote office today and logged into my primary desktop from that office.  I also realized I never documented the great hardware we use at Tableau.

It may not seem special, but all the developers here get at least 2 machines: one Windows and one Mac.  We need this since our 2 primary desktop clients both need coverage.

I chose a Windows desktop and that is what I use for email and such as well as writing code for Tableau.  It's a state of the art 16 core (or 4 depending on how you count hyperthreads) 32GB desktop.  I also have 2 monitors on my desk - a 24" HD monitor and a 22" 4K monitor.  I have learned to rely on multiple monitors since way back in 1998 and can't imagine working with only one.  Brrrr.

Since I run Windows 10 on my desktop, I got a Mac laptop for portable usage.  Nothing special here - 16GB Ram and whatever processor they were using last year (I have never checked).  I use it for note taking in meetings and general office type usage.  If I need to write code or debug or whatever, I will remote into my desktop.

And finally, the docking station I have in the remote office is even better.  It has 2 monitors and I can use the laptop as a third monitor.  In effect, I get a three monitor setup when I work remotely and that is tremendously handy.  I put Tableau on one monitor, my debugger/Visual Studio/Pycharm on the second and email/chat clients/reference notes/OneNote on the third.  It really speeds me up and is a nice perk when I can't get into my main office.

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