Friday, June 16, 2017

Test names that make sense

One of the tasks developers have is adding a test when making code change.  That is just good engineering practice - you always want to make sure your code works, and then when I make a change, I want to test that I did not break your code.  It's pretty self-explanatory, really.

The trick here is that when someone fixes a bug report.  Bug reports are tracked by number, so I may be working on bug 1234 today.  When I get a fix in place, I need to add a test.  Now, when I add the test, I need to give the test a name.

One easy way to name the test is naming it after the bug number being fixed, like this:

That makes it possible for anyone else that needs to look at this code to know to check the bug database for details around bug 1234.  I chose the word "possible" there specifically because while it is possible to do this, it is time consuming.  I have to switch from my IDE (I use Visual Studio) to the bug tool and dig up the bug report. 

Now imagine if I had named that test this instead:

Now if I am reading that code, or investigating a failure, I have a MUCH better starting point.  I know that the test I potentially broke had to with French regions and maps.  If I am changing map code, I am very interested in what I might have broken and know where to start my investigation much more quickly.  I don't have to switch out of my IDE to get this data and it saves me a little bit of time overall.

So while I am going through tests, I am not renaming the old format with a bit of descriptive text.  The next challenge I might take on is trying to quantify how much time I am saving overall.

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